we interrupt regular scheduled programming

This our mayor’s entry into the Mayor’s Challenge to win a Mass Cultural Council Award.  The deadline is tomorrow 10/26/10.  There are 16 cities being considered for the award.  click ‘like’ beneath the video on the youtube page of the video to submit your vote!  It is a beautiful video.

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to be of use

attempt to turn the sketchbook into something else. i call this the ‘butt folio’ the fold reminds me of a butt crack or two pillows nestled together against a fold of a sheet.

a peek inside

and since things are getting a bit twiggy with my connection, i will show the re-packaged sketchbook in another post.


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::::the sketchbook project::::weekly update::::from A&E Creative

AS I have mentioned earlier, I’ve been pretty preoccupied with party planning; many of my other projects have gone on the back burner, the sketchbook being one of those things. Next week should be more productive in all other art related things.


Here’s a few things that have been added:

Sketched from the last post in the making.
This is my desk….at my non-art-related work….
I made some business cards to insert in my sketchbook.
What can I say, I’m a self absorbed opportunist.
Some more picture pastes.

The left lower corner are (mostly) non-adhered photos that I printed out. I want to include some of my photography in this, but the shine of photo paper just seemed too clean for the project. I did some low quality prints on our ink printer. It did the trick. Now, because I’m OCD, I just have to figure out a grid system for them with in the book.

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Sketch Book Project

 Carol McKenna

Hello, World ~

So glad you could stop by for my new artistic adventure. I am so glad to be part of this wonderful team, SomethingSketchy. Everyone is working hard and sharing their creativity. When asked to join this adventure, I was so excited and naturally rather anxious. Me? They want me to join them! Well, here I am  and will be sharing my artistic journey.

The latest event is the Sketchbook Project Tour 2011 which is a traveling art event. When you join, you receive a blank journal and are to fill it with your sketches by mid January and then send it in to join the Art House Co-op in Brooklyn NY. From there your sketchbook travels around the country and then returns home to the Brooklyn Library where the journals will be housed for viewing. Yep, you have to let go of your “art baby” and send her into the world. Mama Mia! “Here I go again.” Another brave adventure or as Helen Keller is quoted as saying “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

Hugs and namaste,

Carol McKenna



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weekly update from A&E Creative

AHOY there! Here’s the weekly quickie on the Sketchbook Project.

The following images have yet to be added to the sketchbook…..and what is currently new & already adhered is drying….hooray for glue. So there are some images missing. I’ll get to them soon….

Recently, my sketches have ranged from the classic portraits…..

…..the to the classically influenced oddity……


…..to the straight up weird.

I don’t really know why I always draw things growing out of my character’s heads (???). I suppose I want to add a visual twist on what would otherwise be just another portrait.

The lower right, the pink lady surrounded by blue, is based on an image I saw on ffffound.com, which is an AMAZING site for visual inspiration, FYI. Originally, she was suppose to be depicted as a woman underwater, but with the way the dress is shaped, she looks like she is part of giant heart. This realization was actually pointed out by Josh. Naturally, I’m delighted by this….however, now I’m afraid that all I draw will start being a combination platter of portraiture and anatomical parts. Frankin-pictures. Perfect for Halloween I suppose? Sweet.



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When I enrolled in the Sketchbook Project, I didn’t particulary like any of the themes they offered so I went with a random selection and the theme I now have is “Make mine a double” ~ As I post different page projects you will see sketches on this theme. It is a theme that can be portrayed in many ways and is, in fact, providing me with the opportunity to expand my imagination and creativity. Just another one those “life hurdles”.

Hugs and namaste ~ Carol

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Originally uploaded by debclarke art

I deconstructed the entire sketchbook. i have been hindered by the construction of the sketchbook provided by the sketchbook project. it reminds me too much of school exercise book or a journal. it kept calling for words, and i kept trying to make it into something. anyway, this is the condition on october 9. today, i re-packaged the book.

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The Sketchbook Project: My First Entry 10/10/10

Ok, What better day than 10/10/10 to make my first entry into my Sketchbook Project. I picked my favorite place to sit and watch the waterfront work, Nature change by the minute and meditate. This is the view looking straight out from my parking space today.  I may add some color to it with Gouache paint.  After the Sun went down I walked around and took some photos for GMG of the area at nighttime.





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weekly update from A&E Creative!

AS it becomes increasingly apparent that autum has truly arrived here in New England, I’ve become more grateful for the Sketchbook Project. Whether I’m a house-bound hostage trapped by October storms or a cleverly disguised retail goddess stuck in the daily grind of a slow business day, I manage to poke away at the book. The notebook measures 5″x 8″, a conveniently smugglable size for any workin’ gal on the go.

 Left: A cluttered desk is a sign of genius…right?
Right: An only child never fears a dark and stormy night.
Samples from my Adhere to Me themed sketchbook. It’s mostly collage and cut & paste.
Obviously, I’m taking the concept quite literally.
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A Shadow Book


Originally uploaded by debclarke art

trying to reconstruct the sketchbook. the book is getting lumpy. people with egg allergies can not handle this book…i’m using egg glair. the book had to stand during the drying process, then the sun turned the page into something else.

perhaps this is a Book of Shadow. the idea resonates with my inner life. i just don’t like the way this looks.

it’s a sketchbook. it should not be precious. it should be of use.


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