::::the sketchbook project::::weekly update::::from A&E Creative

AS I have mentioned earlier, I’ve been pretty preoccupied with party planning; many of my other projects have gone on the back burner, the sketchbook being one of those things. Next week should be more productive in all other art related things.


Here’s a few things that have been added:

Sketched from the last post in the making.
This is my desk….at my non-art-related work….
I made some business cards to insert in my sketchbook.
What can I say, I’m a self absorbed opportunist.
Some more picture pastes.

The left lower corner are (mostly) non-adhered photos that I printed out. I want to include some of my photography in this, but the shine of photo paper just seemed too clean for the project. I did some low quality prints on our ink printer. It did the trick. Now, because I’m OCD, I just have to figure out a grid system for them with in the book.


About e.b.

obsessively creating, easily pleased, never satisfied.
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One Response to ::::the sketchbook project::::weekly update::::from A&E Creative

  1. deb clarke says:

    Happy Birthday Baby! love you more today than i did yesterday and definitely as much and more than when i first saw that famous bollenberg jawline in your baby face! mum.

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