weekly update from A&E Creative

AHOY there! Here’s the weekly quickie on the Sketchbook Project.

The following images have yet to be added to the sketchbook…..and what is currently new & already adhered is drying….hooray for glue. So there are some images missing. I’ll get to them soon….

Recently, my sketches have ranged from the classic portraits…..

…..the to the classically influenced oddity……


…..to the straight up weird.

I don’t really know why I always draw things growing out of my character’s heads (???). I suppose I want to add a visual twist on what would otherwise be just another portrait.

The lower right, the pink lady surrounded by blue, is based on an image I saw on ffffound.com, which is an AMAZING site for visual inspiration, FYI. Originally, she was suppose to be depicted as a woman underwater, but with the way the dress is shaped, she looks like she is part of giant heart. This realization was actually pointed out by Josh. Naturally, I’m delighted by this….however, now I’m afraid that all I draw will start being a combination platter of portraiture and anatomical parts. Frankin-pictures. Perfect for Halloween I suppose? Sweet.




About e.b.

obsessively creating, easily pleased, never satisfied.
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3 Responses to weekly update from A&E Creative

  1. Alex Zonis says:

    I really like these! Especially the classically influenced ones!

    Are you uploading them to the Art House website as well?

  2. deb clarke says:

    does not surprise me that you would draw these images. you are drawing the crown chakra.

    you have always had an intuitive understanding of the japanese composed picture plane along with your love of kimonos and other finely crafted garments.

  3. e.b. says:

    alex: hi there, and thanks! no, i havent uploaded anything onto the art house site yet….i didnt know you could! i shall look in to that tomorrow, thank you!

    mum: i always seem to put things on the head! everything. EVERYTHING goes on the head!

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