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I deconstructed the entire sketchbook. i have been hindered by the construction of the sketchbook provided by the sketchbook project. it reminds me too much of school exercise book or a journal. it kept calling for words, and i kept trying to make it into something. anyway, this is the condition on october 9. today, i re-packaged the book.


About debclarke

artist, blogger, vintage clothier hailing out o'glosta. gloucester, massachusetts that is.
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3 Responses to Shambles

  1. OUCH!
    I also expected more for the Money. But I’m sure your going to make it better, deb.

  2. H. A. Lind says:

    Hi Deb – I share your thoughts. After viewing the web site of numerous previous entries it was apparent many artists have chosen to “re-construct” the “tome”. Now that my most recent art challenge is complete and delivered, I am set to start on the Sketchbook! The brain is a little blank (like the book) at the moment, however.

  3. e.b. says:

    ahahahahha AMAZING!

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