weekly update from A&E Creative!

AS it becomes increasingly apparent that autum has truly arrived here in New England, I’ve become more grateful for the Sketchbook Project. Whether I’m a house-bound hostage trapped by October storms or a cleverly disguised retail goddess stuck in the daily grind of a slow business day, I manage to poke away at the book. The notebook measures 5″x 8″, a conveniently smugglable size for any workin’ gal on the go.

 Left: A cluttered desk is a sign of genius…right?
Right: An only child never fears a dark and stormy night.
Samples from my Adhere to Me themed sketchbook. It’s mostly collage and cut & paste.
Obviously, I’m taking the concept quite literally.

About e.b.

obsessively creating, easily pleased, never satisfied.
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2 Responses to weekly update from A&E Creative!

  1. debclarke says:

    gorgeous and absolutely awesome! i love: ‘an only child need never fears a dark and stormy night.’ you are awesome. and your desk is very orderly. my book is absolutely chewed up and digested in many pieces. one idea flames, then dies. tonight i will gild the paper. it is a fragile book.

    your “mumms”

  2. Carol says:

    Good Morning ~ I am another Cape Ann blogger ~ perhaps you saw it on GMG that Paul posted about ~ Great works and thanks for sharing the Sketch Book Project ~ I have the “blank book” ~ now to start filling it ~ check out my blog http://artmusedog.blogspot.com ~ Perhaps, one day we will meet ~ Happy, Playful Creating ~ Carol ~

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