My Sketchbook Project




“My Sketchbook Project”

When Debbie first contacted me about “The Sketchbook Project” and I checked it out, I was excited about it and thought it would be something cool to do. But then my anxiety kicked in. I asked myself; “Could I actually come up with an idea that would be interesting”? “Would I actually follow through with it”? Maybe Joey From was right, that I tend to “over ANALyse a little too much”.

Now that my skeptisism and anxiety about this project has eased for the moment, I’ve decided on a theme. “Coffee and Cigarettes” I drink coffee and I smoke while I sketch, so I figured it would be a easy theme to work with. The Sketchbook Project does not make you stick to the theme. They only consider it a starting point. Your allowed to stray from it completely if you like.

My Sketchbook will include Sharpie and pen Sketches, small Acrylic and Gouache Paintings of my favorite areas of Gloucester. I am also planning on making it a Journal, with thoughts on what I’m thinking about at the time. So if my anxiety kicks in it should get interesting. If anybody out there has any other ideas let me know. The Title will be the last thing I come up with. You can follow mine and the other Authors of this blog process through this Sketchbook Tour Project. I hope we can make it interesting.

Maybe we’ll have a Sketchbook Viewing Party before we ship them out for the Tour.

Paul F Frontiero Jr.


About Paul F Frontiero Jr

Paints and Photographs scenes of Gloucester, Massachusetts Waterfront and Cape Ann.
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