Definition of “Sketch”

Definition of the word “Sketch”



n. 1. A hasty or undetailed drawing or painting often made as a preliminary study.

2. A brief general account or presentation; an outline.3. a. A brief, light, or informal literary composition, such as an essay or a short story.b. Music A brief composition, especially for the piano.c. A short, often satirical scene or play in a revue or variety show; a skit.4. Informal An amusing person.

v. sketched, sketch·ing, sketch·es To make a sketch of; outline.
v.intr. To make a sketch.

[Dutch schets, from Italian schizzo, from schizzare, to splash, of imitative origin.]


About Paul F Frontiero Jr

Paints and Photographs scenes of Gloucester, Massachusetts Waterfront and Cape Ann.
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