Down Your Street

The Sketchbook Project offers a dozen or so ‘themes’.  My theme is “Down Your Street”.  When I reviewed this video that I took on the last day of summer 2010, the words ‘going down street’ kept running through my head. To go down street in Glosta, meant you were going down to Main Street, frequently from the vicinity of the “Portagee Hill”.


About debclarke

artist, blogger, vintage clothier hailing out o'glosta. gloucester, massachusetts that is.
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5 Responses to Down Your Street

  1. Cool! But you’re going to have to add a digital picture frame or paste the storage card into your Sketchbook. 🙂

  2. debclarke says:

    that’s what you think. i can do anything i want to. this might be all the evidence i need. right here on this blog.


    • MMMM, If your camera takes an SD Card, I may have a few extra. Maybe you could include one with your book with all the Down the street life cam vids, So the people who take the book out could view it. just a thought.

  3. debclarke says:

    paul, yes i can use a sim card, but i thought links to the websites where the information resides might be better.

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